Reports from the Field

Bug o’the Week – Silver-bordered Fritillary Butterfly

Howdy, BugFans, The BugLady’s excursions onto the prairie are always enhanced by the sight of the almost-monarch-sized (2 ½”-3 ½” wingspan) Great Spangled Fritillaries sailing along among the flowers  They […]


Bug o’the Week – Black Witch Moth

Howdy, BugFans, BugFan Marjie sent some “what-is-it?” pictures recently, of a lunker moth perched on one of her outbuildings.  The BugLady didn’t need to hit the books to ID this […]


Bug o’the Week – Argus Tortoise Beetle

Greetings, BugFans, The BugLady’s first thought when she glanced at this beetle was that it was a Swamp milkweed leaf beetle (which, for perching purposes, doesn’t restrict itself to swamp […]


Bug o’the Week – Abbott’s Sphinx Moth

Greetings BugFans, BugFan Kine sent the BugLady some “what-is-it?” pictures of a few very hungry caterpillars on Virginia creeper, taken by her sister, Honorary BugFan Abett.  The BugLady had seen […]


Bug o’the Week – Prince Baskettail Dragonfly

Greetings, BugFans, The BugLady finds this wonderful dragonfly cruising tirelessly over cattails at the edges of lakes or patrolling long stretches of the Milwaukee River about six feet above the […]


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