Reports from the Field

Bug o’the Week – Striped Hairstreak Butterfly

Howdy, BugFans, Hairstreaks are spiffy little butterflies that are named for the hair-like markings found on their underwings.  Most have thin, twin tails (sometimes two pairs of tails) on the […]


Bug o’the Week – Southern Spreadwing Damselfly

Howdy BugFans, Full disclosure: the BugLady’s copy of Bob Dubois’s Damselflies of the North Woods (aka The Bible) automatically falls open to the page that shows the rear ends of the male […]


Bug o’the Week – Agreeable Tiger Moth

Greetings, BugFans, Years ago, the BugLady photographed a Giant Leopard moth  It was a tough shot – the moth was tucked up under the eaves of a house.  It’s – […]


Bug o’the Week – Carpenter Ants

Howdy, BugFans, The BugLady lives in a log cottage that’s rough cedar on the inside (think splinters), so when, one night, this Carpenter ant queen dropped down from the ceiling […]


Bug o’the Week – Bugs in the News XI

Howdy, BugFans, Hawks are still flying; bugs, not so much.  Lots of grasshoppers along the trail, and a variety of flies and some sweat bees on the late-blooming dandelions (and […]


Bug o’the Week – Forked Fungus Beetle Redux

Howdy, BugFans, The BugLady has been out counting migrating raptors.  Here’s a rerun of an episode about an amazing beetle that the BugLady encountered in the late spring of 2014. […]


Bug o’the Week – Therion Wasp

Greetings, BugFans, The BugLady stood on a boardwalk in a wetland for about half an hour trying to photograph this amazing wasp as it dodged through thickets of sedges, ferns, […]


Bug o’the Week – Late Summer Reflections

Howdy, BugFans, The BugLady has been out looking for bugs as the summer winds down; her dragonfly and butterfly surveys have been yielding fewer and fewer species these days.  It […]


Bug o’the Week – Two-spotted Tree Cricket

Greetings BugFans, The BugLady had a visitor at her front door the other day – a Two-spotted tree cricket.  When they think of tree crickets, most people picture a delicate, […]


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