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Bug o’ the Week – Water Treader

Greetings, BugFans,   As the BugLady was leaning over a pier photographing aquatic stuff last summer, she saw a mugging.  Although she was right about the mugging part, she misidentified both the muggers and the mug-ee.  She thought, erroneously, that she was seeing a pair of young water strider thugs attacking a guiltless Mirid plant […]

Bug o’the Week – The Mighty Mosquito

Howdy, BugFans,   Who hasn’t seen the postcard (and keychain and license plate holder and t-shirt and coffee mug) that names the mosquito as our state bird?  It’s the insect we all love to hate (they are the very definition of the word “swarm”), but behind the legend lies a fascinating animal.   Yes, there […]

Bug o’the Week – Basic Bug Design, exoskeletons

Howdy, BugFans,   This episode is a little chewier than usual – we’re going to plunge deep into science, but we’ll bob back up to the surface again in no time at all.  And yes, there will be a quiz.   Bugs!  One big difference between them and us (besides the leg count) is that […]

Bug o’ the Week – Spotted Nomad Bee

Howdy, BugFans,   Some brave pussy willows were peeking out from behind their bud scales recently, reminding the BugLady that pussy willows are grand for bug watching in the early days of spring.  https://www4.uwm.edu/fieldstation/naturalhistory/bugoftheweek/pw-pollinators.cfm (it’s the male catkins, fuzzy gray in their early stages, that give the plant its popular name; their fuzz protects these […]

Bug o’ the Week – Camouflage 102 – Mimicry

Greetings, BugFans, Where were we?  Oh, yes – exploring the magic of camouflage.  Crypsis (of previous BOTW fame) involves melting into the background; the receiver of the signal – the predator – can’t reliably pick its prey out from the background.  Mimicry is about being a copycat; imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, […]

Bug o’ the Week – Water Lily Planthopper

Salutations, BugFans,   The water lily community has many stories to tell, but the BugLady will wait until water lily season to tell most of them.  Here’s a “teaser” about some awesome little bugs that she met for the first time last summer.  They are Water lily/Pond lily Planthoppers (Megamelus davisi), known in more rarified […]

Bug of the Week – Fleas

Howdy BugFans,   The BugLady was sitting in an office watching someone scratching their leg the other day, and her first thought (occupational hazard) was “fleas.”  She hopes you enjoy this slightly reworked BOTW from four years ago.   Everyone’s heard a story about some poor soul who walks into their home after a two-week […]

Bug of the Week – Flat-Headed Poplar Borer

Greetings, BugFans,   The BugLady wishes she were reclining under a sea grape somewhere, but instead she is courting Brain Freeze here in God’s Country.  Please accept this revision of an earlier BOTW.   Before you dive into that, these two links were sent by BugFans Bill and Joe after last week’s BOTW about bumblebees: […]

Bug of the Week – Celebrating Bumblebees

Howdy, BugFans,   It looks like fun to be a bumblebee, and the BugLady can hardly pass one by without taking its picture.  A BOTW in 2008 covered the lifestyle of bumblebees, and another in 2009 showed bumblebees negotiating Bottled gentian flowers http://www4.uwm.edu/fieldstation/naturalhistory/bugoftheweek/bumblebee.cfm and http://www4.uwm.edu/fieldstation/naturalhistory/bugoftheweek/bumble-bee.cfm.  BugFan Andy, who is also a bumblebee fan, wrote and […]

Bug of the Week – European Elm Bark Beetle

Salutations, BugFans,   The BugLady loves finding these runes, inscribed by long-departed insects (they are also reminiscent of a diagram of meiosis from the BugLady’s past).  The tale that they tell is one of lust and fertility and survival (OK – a little florid, but it’s snowing.  Again).  Turns out that there was much more […]