Let us bring Riveredge to you...virtually!

Why choose Riveredge?


Interactive engagement

Using real-world examples, experiments, challenges and more, we use a variety of engaging methods to keep kids excited about learning.


Aligned with Standards

Our programs align with both WSS and NGSS so your program can be an extension of what your students are already learning.


$75 flat fee

We know budgets are tight. That's why we work to subsidize programs so they are both effective and affordable.


Scholarships Available

Because all students should have access to the health, happiness, and academic benefits of learning about nature.


50+ years of experience

Celebrating 50 years in 2018, we bring five decades of environmental education leadership to all our programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Others Are Saying

This program was very organized and I was impressed with the flow of the program, even while virtual. Everything was easily visible. There was a great mix of visuals, videos, etc. to support the students' learning and the content was very relatable to their age group. Thank you for accommodating the virtual needs of our students at this time. - Kindergarten Teacher, Milwaukee

Thank you! The students really enjoyed it! (The program) provided great visual aids to help them make connections to the material. I was impressed with this as an alternate option. - 3rd grade teacher, Cedarburg

We so enjoyed the field trip today, even if not in person. The kids were so excited to go outside and look for bugs. We took the magnifying glasses and bug catchers outside.  I had to drag them inside after 40 minutes because they were still digging up worms. Thank you so much for the awesome program  - 4K teacher, Milwaukee

Thank YOU so much! The second graders really enjoyed it! I am so glad you were able to incorporate Mr. Appleseed into the program. - 2nd grade teacher, West Bend

Incredible Insects

Discover the incredible diversity of insects and explore the features they use to move, eat, and sense their world. Also, meet a few buggy friends! 

Maple Sugarin'

Explore the magic (and science) of Maple Sugarin’ season.  Learn how to identify a sugar maple tree and what it needs to grow. Together, we’ll tap a maple tree and then learn how we turn maple sap into syrup. *Learning materials and maple syrup candy included.

Plants & Seeds Discovery

Take a Virtual Tour of  Riveredge’s Organic Garden. Learn about plant life cycles and experiment with soil, water and seeds to discover how plants grow and provide food for humans. Kit included*


Learn how people use sight, sound, hearing, touch, and taste to sense their world and compare them to animal sensing powers. Kit included*

Creature Classes

What makes a bird a bird? In this virtual class, students create their own methods for classification and learn what clues scientists look for to put animals into groups.

Fruits of Fall

Enjoy an exploration of seed dispersal strategies and the concept that a fruit is a seed container. Plus, get a storytelling moment with a descendant of Johnny Appleseed! Kit included*

Looking at Life Cycles

Description: Living things change in fascinating ways throughout their lives. Learn about the different life cycles organisms go through and how to sort one life stage from another. Kit included*

Habitat Exploration

From forests to prairies to wetlands, Wisconsin has a variety of habitats that living things call home. Learn how native plants and animals form communities and survive in these unique environments.

Pollintation Puzzle

Study pollination strategies with a focus on flower design and bee behavior. Also learn what you can do to make your backyard pollinator friendly!

Life in Winter

How do animals know when it is time to migrate or hibernate? How do plants and animals adapt to the heat of summer, or the blistering cold of winter? Learn about the seasonal changes of living things and design your own season survivor.

Food Webs

Investigate the movement of energy through a food web and discover the importance of interconnectedness.

Wisconsin's Glacial Landscape

Travel back in time 10,000 years to when the glaciers of Wisconsin retreated. Investigate the geologic processes related to glacial activity and how they left their impact on our soil, wildlife, and people. 

River Adaptations

What's in our watershed? Meet and learn about aquatic animals and learn how our actions can help or hinder them. 

Custom-made program

Looking to explore a certain environmental topic? Contact Kacey Tait at ktait@riveredge.us to design a custom-made program to meet your teaching needs. 

*Kits can be sent to schools within a 25 mile radius of Riveredge Nature Center.