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It’s hard to explain the feeling when you are climbing a tree and spend a quiet moment among its top branches–the rustle of the leaves in the wind, the feeling of closeness to nature. To mold and inspire responsible environmental decision making and behavior, you must first transform minds into ones that love the natural world.  To do this, one must create authentic opportunities to be touched by nature.  This is why we believe so strongly in recreational tree climbing at Riveredge.  Its adventuresome approach lures youth and adults into the woods; its unique method of engaging participants with the trees within forests inspires a new way of thinking about nature.  The respect toward the trees which is modeled by the facilitators (each tree we climb even has its own name) challenges thinking in youth and adults. Discussions on the impact on the forest floor and steps taken to limit any harm to the trees teach about environmental responsibility. This is how recreational tree climbing actively, and effectively, helps promote responsible, adventuresome outdoor participation.

We want you as a tree climbing facilitator at Riveredge! The interest we’ve received in our recreational tree climbing program (started in 2014) has quickly exceeded our capacity.  We are looking for a crew of additional tree climbing facilitators.  Training fees will be covered in exchange for leading an amount of tree climbing programs for Riveredge. After that barter, you’ll be paid for any programs you lead!

Save the date for our tree climbing training week in June if you’re interested in learning more yourself -or- becoming a tree climbing facilitator.  Our friends from Tree Climbing Colorado and the Global Organization of Tree Climbers (GOTC) will be back in Wisconsin and leading both training opportunities:

  • Learn the basics of recreational tree climbing so you can climb trees in your own backyard: Sunday, June 7 – Monday, June 8.   Completion of this course will provide you with your Basic Tree Climbing approved training.  Cost: $495 (*free for tree climbing facilitators in training)
  • Learning those basics PLUS becoming a trained tree climbing facilitator for Riveredge: Sunday, June 7 – Thursday, June 11. Successful completion of course will provide you with your Basic Tree Climbing training plus Facilitators certification. Cost: free*

Come, join the fun team at Riveredge and bring groups of kids, families and adults into the tree tops! We’d love to have you join us.

For more information, read: Advanced Tree Climbing Opportunities @ Riveredge

Contact Jessica Jens, Executive Director, for additional details and to register (262-416-1068;

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