To register for our programs, we encourage you to use our online registration system through

Benefits to Registering Online

  • Super quick & easy check-in process at Riveredge the day of the event – which gets you outside and into the action very fast!
  • Although it takes a couple of minutes to set up during your visit, it is very easy to use when you register for future programs.
  • Register for future programs (once your account is set up) with only a couple mouse clicks. Once you register, just log in to your account and choose the program participants from the drop down box
  • Partial payment options for our larger programs (like summer camp)
  • It helps Riveredge save staff time, which allows us to allocate more resources to creating awesome programs and events for you!
  • Pay with an e-check and help decrease processing fees – which means more funding goes to preserving our piece of nature and using it to educate thousands of youth and adults each year!

Registering Groups of People

The registration system is best used to register individual families.  If you are registering people who are not members of your immediate family, we recommend one of the following solutions…

  • Asking people outside of your immediate family to register themselves for the program (preferred)
  • Registering online and including the additional members as part of your “family.” Realize that when you return to your online account, you will see these people as part of your “family” in the future.  **Note: only certain fields are mandatory to complete.  Feel free to skip all the non-mandatory fields (this will save you time) and use your information (such as email) if you do not know the participant’s information.
  • Call Riveredge (262-375-2715) and ask for Barbara.  She’ll discuss your specific situation and help you register.

How To Register for Programs Online

If you need help completing the log on instructions or registering for a program, please call 262-375-2715 so that we may assist you.

To register for a program:

  • Click on ‘Events’ (at the top of this page) to go to the Riveredge Calendar of Events page.
  • Click on the event you wish to attend and click on the ‘Register Here!’ button to be taken to our registration system.
  • Returning users can log in using their email and password.
  • New users will need to take a few extra minutes to create an account.

Create Account:

  • On the front page of the registration system, click on the ‘New User’ button.
  • Choose the event type and age group of the event you are looking for.
  • Check the box next to the event and continue on to fill out the participant information.
  • Please register all family members that will be attending the event.
  • The next time you log on, you will be able to choose from participants whose information you have already entered.

Update an Account or Make a Payment:

  • Some programs, like Nature Journeys Summer Camp, allow you the option to pay a portion of the registration fee at a later date.
  • To make a payment or update your information, access the system at anytime by clicking on ‘Program and & Event Registration’ in the Events drop down menu.
  • Click on the ‘Online Account’ button and log in with your email and password.