Fostering a diverse landscape to inspire and engage learning has been one of Riveredge’s strengths for over 40yrs. We’ve learned that the most important wild place is the one nearby. Whether a prairie, forest, thicket or pond – a wildscape is a diverse environment that pulls us, engages a feeling of adventure and expands our relationship with the natural world – a landscape secrets and opportunities for discovery.


A wildscape draws adults and children into direct contact with a diverse, natural environment and provides opportunities for unstructured exploration and discovery. Wildscaping renews and strengthens connections to neighborhoods, schoolyards and backyards.

Our team of land managers will provide professional one-on-one property consultations that will help you discover your property’s true wildscape potential. With over 30 years of experience in ecology,  biology, botany and woodland and grassland management, our team is excited to be offering this service.  If you are interested in scheduling a property consultation, please contact Matt Smith, Riveredge’s Land Manger, at

In addition to our Wildscaping consultations, we also provide consultations for “Play Naturally” outdoor play spaces and permaculture farms (small and large scale). If this is of interest, please contact Phyllis McKenzie at