The Riveredge wildlife sanctuary is the cornerstone of Riveredge’s education, research, and land stewardship programming. This restored farmland, with its diversity of ecosystems, grounds the visitor in both time and space and is a reminder that place is important.  The sanctuary’s pristine nature is the result of volunteers who cut buckthorn, and pull garlic mustard and Dame’s rocket. Thanks to these “Habitat Healers” the forest ground cover, come spring, is not overrun with invasives, but rather dappled with May apple, trillium, and wild geranium. Thanks to these individuals, children from schools throughout southeastern Wisconsin experience the diversity of ecosystems native to their state and learn how their actions can affect these ecosystems.

Prized by educators, naturalists, and biologists for its exceptional biotic diversity, Riveredge is a regional resource for scientific research, hosting more than 40 studies, projects, inventories, monitoring programs, surveys, and other types of scientific investigations. It is habitat for endangered and threatened species such as the swamp metalmark butterfly, forked aster, goldenseal and the red-shouldered hawk. Also, Riveredge adds to the vitality of the community by providing ongoing recreational opportunities for adults, families, and children, as well as opportunities for citizen scientists to conduct ongoing scientific research.

Join Us!

Become a Habitat Healer and help us take care of our sanctuary! This team of volunteers meets on Tuesdays from 9:00 am-noon. Click HERE for more details.

2017-2021 Natural Resources Management Plan

The 2017-2021 Natural Resources Management Plan will guide future land management actions that will maximize biodiversity, optimize educational activities, and assure protection of our land and water resources. It seeks to honor the past, illustrate the present, and envision the future of the Riveredge wildlife sanctuary, while being faithful to the mission and vision of Riveredge.


Appendix 1: Maps

Appendix 2: Research & Land Management

Appendix 3: Land Use

Appendix 4: Federal, State, County & Local Regulations

Appendix 5: Accompanying Literature