Tap tap- is this thing on?

Maple sugarin’ season is in full swing! Thanks to the many community members who came out this past weekend to learn more about maple sugarin’ and to help us tap the sugarbush, we are already up to over 360 trees tapped for the year!

Couldn’t make the program, but still curious about how tapping works or what you might need to do to make delicious maple syrup in your own backyard?

You’re in luck! Our education team has been hard at work making brand new “Trip Hack” videos as an easy way for teachers to help prepare their students for what they’ll be learning on their Riveredge field trip long before they even get on the bus.

The most recent Trip Hack is all about the tapping process, and since we’re all students in the end, we thought you might enjoy Pam’s great advice on picking the right trees to tap, what conditions make for great sap runs, and what the heck a spile is.

The season is just getting started! There’s still lots of great maple sugarin’ events coming up! Learn all about the season, the Maple Sugarin’ Festival, the Pancake Breakfast, and more!

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