Science for Everyone Lecture Series

Speaker: Eric Damkot

Topic: What is GIS ?

What exactly is GIS and why do we need to know about this? Eric Damkot will discuss how how Washington County maintains its Core data sets used to help decision makers. We’ll take a look at some case studies and how this information system is used in redistricting, farmland preservation and public health; such as tracking the mass
vaccinations that would be needed if a pandemic flu outbreak occurred. You’ll also get a look at how you can access some of this data on your own.

Fee: Free ($5 Donation Appreciated)

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Science for Everyone Lecture Series

Speaker: Craig Maier

Topic: Managed Grazing: Linking People, Food, Animals and the Environment

Craig Maier, a native grasses restorationist who studies the use of pasture-based farming in prairie reconstruction, will discuss the practice of managed grazing, how it impacts Wisconsin’s environment and wildlife, as well as livestock health and human nutrition. You’ll gain a broad understanding of the Wisconsin grazing community’s interest in good land stewardship and suggestions for supporting this vital part of our local economy. The Grazing Ambassadors Project sponsored by GrassWorks Inc. connects Wisconsin grazing farmers and experts with non-farming communities to foster dialogue about the practice of managed grazing.

Fee: Free for all participants ($5 Donation Appreciated)

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