Summer Camp 2019


She (my child) learned so much, and has such an appreciation and attitude of stewardship towards nature.

- Parent of Trailblazers Camper

My children had a lot to say when they came home from camp about their fun days. Not only were they dirty, but they were exhausted! They both want this camp to continue and can’t wait to come back again next year.

- Parent of a Trailblazer and Explorer Camper

I like this camp so much because catching frogs and turtles and being outside in nature is the best thing you can do.

- Explorers Camper

We have loved Riveredge’s camps since our now 12-year-old started back at 5! It is one of the best camps around.

- Parent of a Trailblazers Camper

[My child] couldn’t wait to return each morning and couldn’t stop talking about his experiences each afternoon. Very pleased with the overall experience.

- Parent of a Garden Wonders Camper

(Camp) fostered and nurtured his sense of independence and creativity.

- Parent of a Trailblazers Camper

We love how interactive Riveredge is and how the kids are encouraged to get dirty and really explore without restriction.

-Parent of Discoverers Camper

Exploration, curiosity, outdoors, nature = one unique camp. Every day was fun and different!

-Parent of Pathfinders Camper

The children have such a great time exploring, finding animals, getting dirty.

-Parent of Guardians Camper

It was epic and I had the best time of my life.

-Trailblazers Camper

Free play and exploration is awesome – much different than more scheduled and structured day camp programs.

-Parent of Trailblazers Camper

Great teachers – enthusiastic, worked really well with my “active” child, making sure he was safe.

-Parent of Discoverers Camper

I feel this camp creates a craving to understand and experience nature. We love it!

- Parent of Trailblazers Camper

You are all very patient and gifted individuals (not to mention enthusiastic) and extremely caring and great examples of respect! Thanks a bunch!

-Parent of Explorers Camper

We can’t believe all he has learned and done in such a short time. The leaders are excellent!

-Parent of Explorers Camper

The hands-on inquiry based learning matches his learning style!

-Parent of Trailblazers Camper

Nature Journeys Summer Camp Brochure

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How much space is left?

There is very limited space available in 2019 summer camps.

Please call 262-375-2715 to check availability

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Online Registration

Registration for the Nature Journeys Summer Camps will be taken through our online registration system.

When registering, make sure you have all the medical information (insurance, primary doctor, medication, etc.) handy for the child you are registering. You will have to fill out a medical information form during the registration process. Online registration will close the Wednesday before the week of a camp. Spaces may still be available at that time, call 262-375-2715 for availability.

Extended Care

Riveredge is happy to provide before and after camp extended care for our full day campers. This program allows campers to spend more time exploring Riveredge under the guidance of trained counselors. We offer morning drop off as early as 7:30 am and/or afternoon pick up as late as 5:30 pm, with both daily and weekly options. Camp counselors will encourage your camper’s imagination through games and activities, and they will have plenty of time for free play in our natural play area. An option will be provided during registration to receive more information on the extended care program.

Membership Discount

Riveredge Membership starts at $40 and discounts on camps range from $20-$30 based on the camp. That means that a basic membership nearly pays for itself on day one and still provides many other benefits all year round! Click the button below for more information on membership benefits, levels, and signup.

Multiple Camps/Children Discount

If you register for multiple camps (they can be for the same child or different children), you will pay the normal fee for the first camp and receive a 10% discount off of each additional camp.  Please note, in order to receive both the multiple camps and multiple child (i.e. signing up 2 children for 2 camps a piece) discount or the multiple camps for a single child in the same registration, you must pay 50% of your registration cost and contact Riveredge directly at 262-375-2715 to have the remaining balance adjusted.


50% of camp fees are due at the time of registration. Full payment for all camps is due by May 1st. You may make payments on your account at anytime through the online registration system using your log-in information. If full payment is not received by May 1st, we can not guarantee that your child’s space in camp will be held.

Switching Camps

If you’d like to move your camp registration to another camp session, we are happy to accommodate those requests if space allows. Each date change is subject to a $15 fee. Please contact Riveredge directly at 262-375-2715 to make a date change request.


Waitlists will be formed when camps have reached their capacity. It is beneficial to put your name on a waitlist since many times spots open up due to family scheduling conflicts. There is no fee to put your child on the waitlist. If enough campers are on a waitlist for a particular camp, we will attempt to add another camp session to that week depending on staff availability.


Registrations may be canceled up to 30 days prior to the week of your camp to receive a refund of registration fees minus a $50 non-refundable deposit. If you cancel less than 30 days before your week of camp, refunds are only given for medical reasons and family emergencies. These refunds are also subject to the $50 non-refundable deposit.


The Hunt for Nature Tracks

Age Group: Preschool (3-4 years old) with an adult

Session 1: June 17-20, 9:15-11:15 am, M-Th FULL

Session 2: Aug 12-15, 9:15-11:15 am, M-Th FULL

Fees: Member $110 Non-member $130

Experience the wonders of summertime and learn about the amazing world of insects, flowers, birds, and pond life with a Riveredge Educator. Parents join in the fun with their camper as we explore diverse habitats and create projects that go along with our theme. Spend time with your child in nature and all eyes will be opened!


Dare to Explore

Age group: Completed Half Day 4K/Full Day Kindergarten (5-6 years old)

Session 1: June 17-21, 9 am-12 pm, M-F CLOSED

Session 2: June 17-21, 1-4 pm, M-F FULL

Fees: Member $160 Non-member $180

Dig, splash, run and jump into nature in this fun-filled camp.  Our mornings will be spent uncovering many hidden wonders of the forests, wetlands and prairies at Riveredge.  Whether we’re turning over rocks and logs in search of critters, creating cool nature crafts, playing exciting games or listening to stories, you can be sure of one thing . . . we’ll be having FUN!


Go Wild!

Age group: Completed Full Day Kindergarten (5-6 years old)

Session 1: June 24-27, 9 am-4 pm, M-Th FULL

Session 2: July 8-11, 9 am-4 pm, M-Th FULL

Session 3: July 15-18, 9 am-4 pm, M-Th FULL

Fees: Member $225 Non-member $255

Spend a full day at camp traversing the trails and uncovering many hidden wonders in the nooks and crannies of Riveredge.  Let your imagination go wild as you splash in the wetlands, crawl the forest floor, and slither through the prairie in search of the creatures that call Riveredge home.  All of this hands-on exploration will be blended with games, stories, crafts, and snacks to keep you going.


Journey into the Heart of Nature

Age Group: Completed Grades 1 or 2

Session 1:  June 17-21, 9 am-4 pm, M-F FULL

Session 2:  June 24- 28, 9am-4 pm, M-F FULL

Session 3:  July 22-26, 9am-4 pm, M-F FULL

Session 4: July 29- Aug 2, 9am-4 pm, M-F FULL

Fees: Member $255 Non-member $285

Hey campers! Do you like to explore new and interesting places like forests, ponds, rivers, fields and even islands? Then Trailblazer Camp is what you are looking for!  During this week full of amazing explorations you will “blaze a trail” to many awesome places at Riveredge. Along the way, you’ll discover that everything in nature is important and special.  Each morning, we’ll discover a different habitat and its plants and animals. In the afternoon, we’ll explore Trailblazer Island- our Trailblazer home!


The Magic of Nature

Age Group: Completed Grades 1 or 2

Session 1:  July 8-12, 9am-4 pm, M-F FULL

Session 2:  July 15-19, 9am-4 pm, M-F FULL

Session 3:  August 5-9, 9am-4 pm, M-F FULL

Session 4:  August 12-16, 9am-4 pm, M-F FULL

Fees: Member $255 Non-member $285

Imagine a landscape of enchanted forests and fields populated by gnomes, fairies, and talking animals.  In this session of Trailblazers camp, we’ll discover the magic hidden in nature through exploration, imaginative play, and storytelling.  Each morning we will read a story or legend and explore its themes in different habitats at Riveredge. Each afternoon we’ll venture to our magical hideaway, Trailblazer Island.



Age Group: Completed Grades 3 or 4

Session 1: June 17-21, 9am-4pm M-Th (Overnight Thursday - 9am dismissal Friday) FULL

Session 2: July 8-12, 9am-4pm M-Th (Overnight Thursday - 9am dismissal Friday) FULL

Session 3: July 29- Aug 2, 9am-4pm M-Th (Overnight Thursday - 9am dismissal Friday) FULL

Session 4: Aug 5- 9, 9am-4pm M-Th (Overnight Thursday - 9am dismissal Friday) FULL

Fees:  Member $295   Non-Member $315

Explorers, are you ready to make forts, climb trees, and crawl through caves? Join us for a week of exciting habitat explorations and learn how to find adventure wherever you are in the great outdoors. During the week we will canoe and swim in Heron Pond, hunt for reptiles and amphibians, and explore the Milwaukee River. Under the guidance of a certified instructor, we’ll climb into the treetops using ropes and special equipment. The off-site cave spelunking field trip will give us an opportunity to explore an underground world. Throughout our adventures, we’ll discover how nature sustains and engages all living things, including us!



Age Group: Completed Grades 3 or 4

Session 1: June 24-28, 9 am-4 pm M-F (no overnight) FULL

Session 2: July 15-19, 9 am-4 pm M-F (no overnight) FULL

Session 3: July 22-26, 9 am-4 pm M-F (no overnight) FULL

Session 4: August 12-16, 9 am-4 pm M-F (no overnight)

Fees:  Member $285   Non-Member $305

Exploring woodland, prairie, pond, and creek ecosystems is what Explorers do best. Experience an incredible week of unraveling the secrets of biodiversity at Riveredge as we search for the smallest bugs to the largest trees. We’ll discover the amazing living things that can be found hiding underneath stones in the creek and within the petals of prairie flowers. Join us for a week of wonder and play, including river exploration, swimming, and campfire-roasted s’mores. We’ll also enjoy an off-site field trip to Yahr Park for fishing, hiking, and kayaking.


Outdoor Survival Skills

Age group: Completed Grades 5 or 6

Session 1: June 24-28, 9 am-4 pm, M-F (no overnight)

Session 2: July 15-19, 9 am-4 pm, M-F (no overnight) FULL

Session 3: July 22-26, 9 am-4 pm, M-F (no overnight) FULL

Fees: Member $285 Non-member $305

During this exciting, fun-filled week campers will learn how to travel and survive in the outdoors.  This Guardian camp focuses on teaching essential outdoor skills such as fire making, water collecting, shelter building, and creating camp crafts.  These skills help to build self-confidence and deepen the campers’ appreciation of the natural world. We’ll practice orienteering with a compass and hand-held GPS unit, and maybe discover geocaches along the way.  Campers will spend a day at Yahr Park hiking, fishing, and kayaking.


Wilderness Awareness

Age group: Completed Grades 5 or 6

Session 1: June 17-21, 9 am-4 pm, M-Th (Overnight Thursday - 9am dismissal Friday) CLOSED

Session 2: July 8-12, 9 am-4 pm, M- Th (Overnight Thursday - 9am dismissal Friday)

Session 3:  July 29-Aug 2, 9 am-4 pm, M- Th (Overnight Thursday - 9am dismissal Friday) FULL

Session 4: Aug 5-9, 9 am-4 pm, M- Th (Overnight Thursday - 9am dismissal Friday) FULL

Fees: Member $295 Non-member $315

Come explore the wilderness of Wisconsin! Venture into the hidden places of Riveredge through the challenge of geocaching, reach new heights with tree climbing, and go for a swim in Heron Pond. Get muddy as we explore the unique cave habitat on a spelunking trip to Ledge View Nature Center!  We’ll top off the week with an overnight at Riveredge and the opportunity to experience the trails after dark.

Garden Wonders

Garden Delights

Age Group: 6-8 year olds

July 29- Aug 2, 9am-4pm, M-F FULL

Fees: Member $285 Non-member $305

The Riveredge Children’s Garden is a magical place full of mysteries to explore, plants and animals to meet and delicious sights, smells, and tastes.  Be ready for adventure as we journey through forests, prairies, ponds, and rivers to discover how they are similar to our garden. This fun-filled week includes fishing, digging, catching frogs, hosting a kids’ farmers market, feeding chickens at the farm, and much more.

Garden Wonders

Green Thumbs and Dirty Knees

Age Group: 8-10 year olds

August 5-9, 9am-4pm, M-F FULL

Fees: Member $290 Non-member $310

Come and explore the bounty of the Riveredge Children’s Garden as we unravel the secrets of plants, the glory of pollinators and the joy of simply digging in the soil. Discover how the garden is like other ecosystems as we journey through forests, prairies, ponds, and rivers in search of adventure and fun. Our week will also include river tubing, swimming, fishing, a harvest quest, and other surprises along the way. We’ll top our week off with a field trip to a local organic farm.

Garden Wonders

Culinary Creations

Age Group: 10-12 year olds

August 12-16, 9am-4pm, M-F

Fees: Member $295 Non-member $315

Have you ever wished that you could cook like a Top Chef?  You are in luck! Garden Wonders: Culinary Creations will push you to flex your culinary muscles.  With the help of guest Chefs, you will learn new recipes, participate in a culinary cook-off, share your delights with other camper families, and spend a week perfecting your foodie skills.  You get all of these great activities with a side of river exploration, hiking, and of course getting dirty along the way!


Outdoor Adventures

Age Group: Completed grades 7-9

June 24- June 28, 9am-4pm M-Th (Overnight Thursday - 9am dismissal Friday) CLOSED

Fee: Members $295 Non-members $315

During this leadership focused week, we’ll look inwards and outwards as we learn the skills necessary to be a successful camp counselor, and challenge ourselves in a variety of exciting outdoor pursuits. Spend the week hiking, swimming, and paddling.  We will try out our leadership skills with younger campers, and challenge ourselves as we paddle through Horicon Marsh. When the sun sets, we’ll explore the trails in search of wildlife and glimmering stars on our overnight campout. Come prepared to make new friends and experience new challenges- Riveredge style, of course!


Devil’s Lake Outpost Adventures

Age Group: Completed grades 7-9

July 8-12, 9am-4pm M-F (overnight Thursday at Devil’s Lake -4 pm dismissal Friday)

Fee: Members $355 Non-members $385

During this leadership-focused week we’ll look inwards and outwards as we learn the skills necessary to be a successful camp counselor, and challenge ourselves in a variety of exciting outdoor pursuits.  We will try out our leadership skills with younger campers and build a lasting legacy with land stewardship. On Thursday we’ll make our way to Devil’s Lake State Park to hike, paddle, and explore one of Wisconsin’s most glacially impacted areas.  We will return from this high adventure trip Friday afternoon.


Pictured Rocks Backpacking and Canoeing Trip

Age Group: Completed Grades 7-12

Saturday, July 13 – Friday, July 19

(We will meet at Riveredge at 7am on Saturday, July 13  and return by 8pm on Friday, July 19)

Pre-Trip meeting:  Tuesday June 25 @ 6:30pm (for all parents and trip participants)

Pre-Trip packing party: Friday July 12 @ 6:00-7:30pm (for all trip participants, parents welcome)

Fee: $615

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore has been rated highly in Backpacker magazine as one of the best places to escape to in the Upper Peninsula.  Our journey will begin with a sunset cruise aboard Miss Superior, providing gorgeous vistas of sandstone cliffs that tower 50 to 200 feet above the water.  Then we’ll head to the Beaver Basin and spend a couple of days canoeing and hiking around the inland lake and exploring the shores of Lake Superior. We’ll camp in backcountry sites in the peaceful wilderness and practice “leave no trace” principles. On the way home, we’ll board an underground train for a mine tour in Iron Mountain and see expert miners in action.  You provide a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, hiking boots, and backpack and we’ll provide the rest. (Riveredge has a limited number of backpacks and sleeping pads available for those who sign up first.) Space is limited, so sign up early for this exciting adventure!


Bike the Elroy Sparta Bike Trail- Closed

Age Group: Completed Grades 7-12

9 am Monday, July 22- 4 pm Friday July 26, 2018

Fee: $500

Pre-Trip meeting: Monday July 15 @ 6:30pm (for all parents and trip participants)

Are you ready for a brand new Riveredge Adventure?!  Join us on a trip to the very first and most popular Rails to Trails bike path in the U.S. This 32.5 mile bike trail features three railroad tunnels which are over 140 years old that vary from .25 to nearly a mile long.  The trail winds through woods with fern and moss-covered cliffs, and small streams line both sides of the trail. With an easy grade of no more than 3% it is perfect for bikers of all skill levels. We will spend our days biking, hiking, swimming, and camping using “leave no trace” principles as we explore the driftless area of Wisconsin.  All participants must provide their own helmet, bike lock and bike (bikes are available for rent along the trail) in ready trail condition..