Why Scarecrows?

Why scarecrows?

Because they are just plain fun! Once built to scare birds away from our crops, they a great addition to any garden and have come to represent the fall harvest and our creative imagination. I have created many scare crows over the years with summer campers for the Riveredge garden. There are so many possibilities, and the kids love the creative process. They put a little bit of themselves and some creative touches into every scare crow, giving each one its own personality. We have created conventional scarecrows out of straw, and have also used different materials to craft unique creations. Each one gets a name, like Mrs Potts with her head of lettuce.

The possibilities are endless. The creative process can start with any idea, like using a natural animal as a model, and then going wild!

You can also create a scarecrow from your favorite TV and movie characters.


They Or they could be scary…….

Can be cute…..

They could have a theme

Or they could come solely from your imagination.

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Come to the Fall Festival & Night Hike at Riveredge this Saturday, October 18th, to build your own family scarecrow!  Remember to pre-register so we can ensure enough scarecrow parts and pumpkins to go around!

At Riveredge, the goal is to work together with your family or friends, get creative and have fun building your scare crow creation. Bring your own materials and props, or use ours. The contest categories are: most creative, most colorful, best themed, most eco-friendly, and the best grab bag scare crow build from materials we provide.

The possibilities are endless, so go for it & have fun!

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