Find your Earth Day hero alter ego.

We hope you and your family have been enjoying the special Earth Day hero profiles we’ve been featuring. 

We’d love to suggest some ways you can engage your hero identity at Riveredge!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is listed below each description. Which hero describes you?

Protector Missions: 

Find a new plant at our Native Seed and Plant Sale

Make a tax-deductible donation to Riveredge

Take kids on a trip to hike our trails

Advocate Missions: 

Bring a friend to Riveredge who’s never been here

Sign up for the Riveredge Bike Ride

Hit “share” and “forward” on Riveredge events that sound exciting

Explorer Missions: 

Join our tree climbing club 

Get in the know about our kayaking and canoeing program

Challenge yourself to hike every trail loop at Riveredge

Citizen Scientist Missions: 

Volunteer for our Research and Land Stewardship Programs

Help us track bird species at Birdathon Bandathon

Come walk the trails and list your findings on our whiteboard in the nature center entryway

And no matter which kind of Earth Day hero you are, we hope you consider becoming a member here at Riveredge. Your tax-deductible membership makes an enormous impact on our healthy human and natural communities, and gets you special access to all kinds of benefits. Join our growing community of heroes by clicking the green button above!

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