Rue Anemone

Flowering Rue Anemone

Thalictrum thalictroides

Rue Anemone doesn’t have any petals, but rather has 6 to 10 white or pinkish showy sepals. It has many thin-filamented stamens above a cluster of several green urn-shaped pistils.

Rue Anemone will usually have multiple thin-stemmed blossoms rising above the upper leaves. It can easily be confused with False Rue Anemone, which looks similar, but False Rue Anemone will usually have 5 white sepals (no petals), and the leaves are deeply lobed.

Rue anemone’s blossoms rise above a whorl of leaves, each with three leaflets which have slight indentations, forming 3 lobes per leaflet. 


  1. First Flower: Date the first flowers are fully open. When open, you will see the stamens among the unfolded petals.
  2. Full Flower: Date when half or more of the flowers are completely open
  3. First Ripe Fruit: Date when you notice the first fruits becoming fully ripe or seeds dropping naturally from the plant. Ripening is indicated by the berries turning red, yellow, orange, or maroon.
  4. Full Fruiting: Date when half or more of the fruits are completely ripe or seeds are dropping naturally from the plant.
  5. All Leaves Withered: Date when most or all of the leaves that developed this season, have lost green color or are dried and dead.

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