Let Riveredge come to you!

We want everyone to experience environmental education! Let our educators meet you on your school grounds or at a local park to help your students explore nature and meet your teaching goals.


Hands-on activities and exploration


$5 a student


Aligned with NGSS standards


Scholarship assistance available


50+ years of leadership in EE


Outreach programs


Insects & Their Kin

Discover the incredible diversity of invertebrates and explore how they survive. Collect and examine little creatures using sweep nets and bug boxes, and learn how they are responsible for healthy soil, healthy plants and healthy people.

Spinach seedling

Plants and Seeds: Five Senses Discovery

With their sense of sight, sounds, hearing, touch, and taste, your students will explore and learn all about plant life cycles and seeds.

winter cardinal

Oh Deer, It's Cold Out Hare

Learn how deer and rabbits survive in winter by focusing on their adaptations. Through hands-on activities, discover the changes that take place in winter and search for animal signs in the outdoors.

earthworm 2

Wiggle Worms

Who comes out to play on a rainy day? Roll logs, dig in the soil and sift through vermicompost to uncover wiggling worms. Discover how many important jobs worms have in nature!

Homeschool Dragonflies 2012


Natural things come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, textures, odors, tastes, and sounds. Learn about the diversity of nature through a variety of engaging sensory experiences in the outdoors.


Adaptations and Food Chains

Unlock the secrets of how plants an animals adapta to survive in their habitats and explore the role that adaptations play in food chain interactions.

NOSD 6th Grade Communities & Ecosystems Fall 2009 049

Community Explorations

Communities and the plants that depend on them are both unique and interconnected. A variety of exploratory and sensory experiences allow students to follow their curiosity and get an up-close experience of two very different habitats.

Maple Syrup

Maple Sugarin' 

The sweetness of spring, the miracle of photosynthesis and the magic of Maple Sugarin’ are presented in a fast-paced intro to the process of making maple syrup. Experience Wisconsin’s history with special emphasis placed on Native American traditions. Also, get a small sweet treat of maple syrup from Riveredge's sugarbush!

Milwaukee River_East

Water Cycle Adventure

Through hands-on activities, investigate the water cycle and discover how it travels through natural systems. Play an interactive game to create a unique water cycle story.

Sunflower and friend

Secret Lives of Plants

Explore the strategies for plant survival and learn which ones we can depend on for our own uses. Even sample some snacks made from native plants as time allows!

Snowshoe Hike Winter

Life in Winter

With a treasure map and a set of wintry clues, set off to discover the relationship between animals and their habitats. By examining animal tracks and other signs, develop the skills of observing and making inferences. By this frosty adventure's end, the puzzle of winter survival is complete.

tree frog, meadowhawk20 1rz

Food Webs

Participate in an interactive game to demonstrate how energy moves through a food chain. Embark on a food web scavenger hunt and discover the importance of interconnectedness.

pond 2

Invasive Invaders

Prepare to take action against invasive species and protect the native species in your schoolyard! Discover what invasive plants are and how they can out-compete native plants. Are you ready to do your part to create a healthy ecosystem at your school?


Wisconsin's Glacial Landscape

Travel back in time 10,000 years to when the glaciers of Wisconsin retreated. Use scientific tools such as wind meters, soil probes and thermometers to explore the clues the glaciers left behind—incredible kettle, moraine, kame and esker landforms!


Custom-made program

Interested in having outdoor educators help your students explore an environmental topic? Please contact Curriculum and Instruction Manager Kacey Tait, at ktait@riveredge.us to customize your outreach experience!