November Organic Produce Sale

Crisp fall nights, autumn leaves, football games, homecooked meals…

Time to dust off the crockpot and make some soup!

Riveredge has a fantastic selection of organically raised produce to get you through the winter available for sale!

Available items include:

  • BEETS: Golden or red beets. Excellent roasted.
  • CELERIAC (also known as “celery root” cooks like potato in a soup)
  • ONIONS: Large yellow cooking onions (store very well)
  • POTATOES: “Carola,” yellow potatoes that are excellent for roasting, frying, or grilling.

Produce is $1.25/lb for quantities less than 50 lbs.

Or, get the best bang for your buck and try out our mix and match sale– buy 50 pounds of organic produce (of any kind and combination!) all for only $50.

To order, all you need to is contact Keith at to let him know your choices and arrange pickup.

All the proceeds support Riveredge’s mission of environmental education. Eat great and help kids learn. What’s not to love?

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