Nesting Birds Lay New “Riveredge Kids” Across the 379 Acres of Riveredge

Have you noticed the robin nesting on the Riveredge sign (pictured above)?

Mother Nature seems to be blissfully unaware of Covid-19. Robins and Bluebirds have built their nests and laid their eggs right on schedule. Both species are in the thrush family but have different nesting strategies.

Pictures taken of Bluebird eggs inside a Bluebird nest box earlier this week.
Bluebirds are cavity nesters (live in a box or hole in a tree).
Robins tend to tuck nests somewhere underneath cover, such as building eaves or other building structures, or beneath dense tree branch cover.

Robins and bluebirds both lay 4-5 blue eggs and begin incubating them when they have a full clutch. The females will sit on the eggs for roughly 14 days before the young hatch. Once they do, both parents will be very busy feeding the young for about two weeks. By the time the young fledge they will have received 6,000 – 9,000 insects (per clutch). Both species can have 2 – 3 clutches per season. Just think of how many insects they will have consumed by the end of the summer!

We owe them a big THANK YOU for that!

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