The trail in spring at Riveredge Nature Center.

Ready for an adventure? On Saturday, June 15, from 10:00am - 3:00pm, join Milwaukee Public Museum to learn about Riveredge from the people who know it best! Go pond-scooping and sweep-netting for insects, and bring the critters you catch back to the tent to identify and draw. Or, grab a trail map and explore Riveredge to see what you can find!

What is a BioBlitz?

A BioBlitz is a 24-hour celebration of biodiversity where scientists work together to see how many species of plants and animals they can find in one area. Learn more about MPM's BioBlitz.

Why Riveredge?

A jewel in the landscape of Ozaukee County, Riveredge adds to the vitality of the community by providing ongoing recreational opportunities for adults, families, and children as well as opportunities for citizen scientists to expand their horizons with ongoing scientific research projects. From its beginning in 1968, Riveredge Nature Center has been a sanctuary of restored farmland. The Center encompasses 379 acres, including: over 10 miles of trails; the 47-acre Riveredge Creek and Ephemeral Pond State Natural Area; 1.5 miles of frontage along the Milwaukee River; 28 acres of planted prairie; eight forest types; and six pond, swamp, and fen communities. Prized by educators, naturalists, and biologists for its exceptional biotic diversity, Riveredge is a regional resource for scientific research, hosting more than 40 studies, projects, inventories, monitoring programs, surveys, and other types of scientific investigations to date. It is protected habitat for endangered and threatened species such as the Swamp Metalmark Butterfly, Forked Aster, Goldenseal, and the Red-shouldered Hawk.

Participate in the BioBlitz!

The public portion of the BioBlitz at Riveredge Nature Center takes place from 10:00am - 3:00pm on Saturday, June 15. Complete details can be found on the Milwaukee Public Museum website. Invite friends and family through the BioBlitz Facebook Event.