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What is a Clothing Swap?

A clothing swap is a way people can trade their unwanted clothes for “new-to-you” items. Everyone brings a few bags of items to the swap. Then we layout our items on tables according to clothing size and gender (e.i. an area for girls, boys, women’s, men’s, etc). Once everything is displayed, the swapping begins and people can gather items that they would like to have.  People are able to try on clothes or take the chance. If something doesn’t fit, you can always bring it back to the next clothing swap. And in the end, everyone leaves with something to take home.

 Why we LOVE the idea @ Riveredge

I like clothing swaps the most because it allows me to find items for my children in the next largest size. A swap also allows me to give my unwanted clothes to someone who might need infant clothes for the new addition to their family. The last clothing swap I attended, I brought women’s clothes and went home with baby boy clothes. While another lady gathered my unwanted women’s clothes and she left behind girl clothes which someone else took home. A clothing swap is a win-win for everyone, while also helping with the family budget and keeping items out of the landfill.

Join me during the Riveredge Clothing Swap on November 16th, 1:00-3:00. Follow our Facebook event page for the swap and find out what others are bringing. Then register online through our website. Registration is required for this event as space is limited.

Facebook event page

Registration page

Clothing Swap Set-up and Times: Sunday, November 16

1:00-1:30    Participants set up their own clothing on tables labeled with clothing sizes/categories. Participants cannot begin swapping until everyone has displayed his/her items on the tables.

1:30-2:30    Participants can begin browsing and gathering items

2:30-3:00    Participants collect any leftover items that he/she brought from home. Any items not taken will be donated.

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