Join us in our 379-acre outdoor classroom as we explore and learn about the natural world, ask questions, and make connections.


"Showed my child new and inventive ways to explore and play in nature. Developed appreciation for all the details to be found in the flora and fauna right here where we live. Helped child feel confident getting hands dirty, picking up bugs, exploring. Broadened child's ideas of what to do outdoors. Great foundational, hands-on science instruction that will stick with kids all their lives. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!"

"Really sparked my daughters interest in the topics covered. Made her want to learn more and take the extra step in her assignments. She now views herself as someone who is really into learning about the environment."

"As my high school senior is heading off to college his intended degree is environmental sustainability. All of his choices for majors were something to do with nature either adventure education or forestry. He has always needed and enjoyed being outdoors. Riveredge has absolutely made him realize his life goals can be outdoors and nature-related."

"My children have been attending Homeschool Ed-venture classes for many years now and have loved every minute of them! Each of my children are unique with varying interests and personalities...I couldn't be more pleased with each instructor's ability to reach each of my children and keep them engaged. Riveredge has become an essential part of our homeschooling life!"

"We have people comment all of the time at how wise our kids are with issues pertaining to nature, the environment, plants and treating it all with respect. While this is something our family values, your classes really help bring it all together."

"My son loves climbing trees and reading books, enjoying the peace there. It was the incentive of sharing this adventure at journal time that inspired his first climb - and he hasn’t stopped since. Thank you!"

"Loved the Coyote level!!!!! Challenging for the students and allowed them to really sink their teeth into their learning and their projects."

"My kids love the experiential & interactive aspects of EdVentures; they see outdoor careers as viable options; they have a deep knowledge of nature compared to peers — no fear!"

"Riveredge instills a strong foundation for a love and respect for nature, and fosters natural curiosity for the world around them that a traditional classroom or home based program could never match."

What is Homeschool Ed-ventures? Homeschool Ed-ventures is a science education program designed for homeschooled children who enjoy hands-on learning and outdoor adventure. Taught in the “Riveredge style,” each small class of students engages in cooperative, inquiry-based learning, guided by professionally trained educators. The majority of our program takes place outdoors; taking advantage of the many habitats at Riveredge throughout the seasons. Children develop a strong sense of their place in the natural world and a sense of belonging to both Riveredge and their homeschool community.

Continued Learning and Relationship Building  As children grow up in our program, they progress through play-based nature explorations to scientific inquiry and in-depth field studies. The mixed-age classes offer opportunities for students to take leadership roles, receive mentoring and develop strong learning partnerships. In addition, each class has its own secure website that features class highlights, photos, and information for your child(ren) to assist in their learning journey at home. Riveredge also offers periodic family-based educational programs throughout the year.

For a detailed look into the program, please view the following document:  Homeschool Ed-ventures Informational Presentation.

We're seeking Homeschool Education Volunteer Assistants. Click here to learn more about joining us as an education volunteer for homeschool.

For general questions, please contact Kaitlin Felton at

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Class Descriptions 2021-22

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Forestry Management Curriculum Available

Riveredge and the Wisconsin Environmental Education board are happy to provide our forestry management curriculum as a resource for other environmental educators, parents, and institutions.

This 5-week curriculum engages 6-12th-grade students in inquiry-based education programming that examines forest health and land management through the lens of a professional forester. This curriculum uses current technology/tools in forestry management to engage, inform, and teach students about Wisconsin forestry and forestry management concepts.

Riveredge Nature Center Forestry Management Curriculum

Forestry Management Curriculum Appendix Pages

This curriculum is copyrighted by both Riveredge Nature Center and the Wisconsin Environmental Education Board. Please properly acknowledge both parties when utilizing the curriculum for your purposesThank you!