Discovering Snowflakes

Our featured finding this month is….snow!  With all the snow in our area this year, its a great time to get outside and explore.  Our education staff put together a fun activity for members of any age.

Make Your Own Snowflake ID Book

Have you ever looked at snowflakes up close?  Are there really no two alike?  Create a snowflake ID key and find out more about the snow all around you.  This is a great activity for everyone in the family.

There are seven common snowflake shapes: Hexagonal Plates, Stellar Crystals, Hexagonal Columns, Needles, Spatial Dendrites, Capped Columns and Irregular Crystals.  You can use the chart below or do some research on the internet to easily create your own key.  You’ll find different snowflake shapes as the temperature and humidity levels change – so go outside with each snowfall to see if you can eventually find all seven shapes!

After you have created  your key, attach black felt to the left side of the paper with glue.  This will allow you to “catch” your snowflakes right next to your key for easy identification.  Make sure to put your key outside or in the freezer before catching snowflakes – that way they won’t melt right away!  How many different snowflakes can you catch?

snowflake chart

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