Connie’s Classroom

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in May, “Connie’s Classroom” was lovingly dedicated by the family and friends of longtime Riveredge volunteer, Connie Hardacre.    Connie and her family have been involved with Riveredge since the 1970.  In 2015, Connie passed, but her generous smile and love for the natural world will live on at Riveredge.

As the dedication plaque reads,

Connie thoroughly loved the land and its creatures, rejoicing in the beauty and majesty of nature. Connie was a school teacher, harnessed lovingly to positions in the Whitefish Bay (WI) school district. When she retired, she instantly became a Riveredge volunteer, aligning herself with the Habitat Healers. She was in her element at Riveredge, caring for the land and sharing her great love for nature.”

“Connie’s Classroom” is a much needed learning space which is already used regularly as a home for students to explore the macroinvertebrates of the Milwaukee River and as a “home base” for regular Riveredge classes and the upcoming summer camps.  The gift of the classroom by Connie’s husband, Phil Hardacre, with support from his children, and Riveredge volunteer Jon Day, is truly a gift which embraces Connie’s love for the natural world.