What is it? Citizen science is the collection and analysis of data relating to the natural world by members of the general public, typically as part of a collaborative project. Here at the Riveredge Nature Center we offer a wide variety of scientific projects that volunteers can become involved in. We welcome groups and individuals of all ages and experience levels to join us in our conservation efforts. Becoming a citizen scientist is a great way to contribute to valuable research, learn about our environment, and connect with our natural communities!

How can you get involved? Join our team of dedicated citizen scientists by first filling out a volunteer application with your skills, interests, and weekly availability so we can match you with a project that is the best fit for you.

For more information, please contact Mary Holleback at mholleback@riveredge.us or 262-375-2715.

Track Phenology

Help Riveredge track our phenological events!  We have 2 phenology plant trails to guide you in your observations (click HERE for more info). You can also log into iNaturalist and upload your Riveredge sanctuary observations.

Butterfly Count

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Butterflies are indicators of ecosystem health.  Join us in our annual butterfly count!

Dragonfly Count

Join us in our annual dragonfly count!

Avain Surveys

The peak of bird research at Riveredge coincides with the spring migration. Our bird research programs include our annual Birdathon/Bandathon, bluebird box monitoring, Christmas Bird Count, and the Natural Areas Breeding Bird Survey. For more information on our avain research click HERE.

Birdathon/Bandathon (May)

Christmas Bird Count (December)

Natural Areas Breeding Bird Survey (June & July)

Monarch Tagging

Did you know that Riveredge is a monarch waystation?  Help us tag monarchs that visit our sanctuary as part of a nationwide citizen science project to monitor the monarch populations.

Bat Monitoring

Help us monitor our local bat population.  For more information out our bat surveys click HERE.

Water Quality Monitoring

Become a water quality monitoring and become involved in a statewide initiative to track stream and river water quality in Wisconsin.  This monitoring is in partnership with the Wisconsin DNR as part of their WAV program.