Children’s Organic Garden

Harvesting green beans

Growing Gardeners Since 2004

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. –Audrey Hepburn

Harvesting new potatoes 3

Since 2004, Riveredge has featured an organic garden for children.  Everything from asparagus to zucchini is grown in a small area.  The garden is the focus of Garden Exploration school field trips, serves as an outdoor lab for a variety of other nature sensitizing programs, and is the home base for four Garden Wonders summer camps for children aged 6-12.

From planting seeds to decomposition, children can witness the garden’s lifecycle in all seasons.

The garden is a magical place for children. They use their imaginations, playing hide-and-seek, spying on frogs in the garden pond and insects on the garden flowers. 

Checking out the compost bins

Organic Gardening Creates Healthy Foods

Crop rotations are implemented to maintain the soil’s health and prolificacy. Organic fertilizer and homegrown compost ensure an abundance of healthy, nutrient-rich crops for the children to harvest and taste!

Farmers Market 8

Summer Camp Harvest

A diverse variety of produce is enjoyed by the summer campers. At the end of each garden camp session, the campers put on a farmer’s market for their parents, staff, and other camp groups. Here the children learn bartering skills while also sharing the produce they’ve diligently cared for.

The Garden Intern

The Garden Intern is a special team member who makes the busy growing season a success. They work with the Riveredge staff and volunteers to develop and maintain the organic garden, outdoor kitchen, and permaculture farm for use by the summer camps and other educational groups.

The Garden Intern creates and implements meaningful environmental educational activities for summer campers, including co-teaching 4, week-long garden-focused summer camp sessions.

Photos of the garden

Stone Garden Art
Summer Harvest
Sugarsnap Peas
Sugarsnap peas
Hoophouse harvest 4
Harvesting early tomatoes in the hoop house
Sugar Snap peas on trellis
Sugarsnap peas on a trellis
Garden Wonders Farmers Market
Butterhead lettuce
Butterhead lettuce
Carrot sign in the garden
Carrot sign in the Children’s Garden
Garden Work
Gardening by Garden Interns
Tangerine Gem edible marigold
Tangerine Gem edible marigolds
Insect Collection
Garden Wonders Farmers Market
Garden Wonders market sign
Farmers Market 7
Ready for the market to begin!
Strawberry plant
Strawberry plants
Carrots ready for market
Carrots cleaned and ready for market
Sunflower and friend
Sunflower and friends
Gourmet sweet bell pepper
Gourmet sweet bell peppers
Hoophouse harvest 3
Peppers are also grown in
the hoop house
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