A camping trip without the work!

Family Camping Overnights @ Riveredge!

At Riveredge, we do our best to take the work and barriers out of going outside with your family. Our family overnights are no different – bring a tent and leave the rest to us!

We’ve polled staff members who have led family camping overnights about some of their favorite moments and memories.  Here’s a couple to give you a taste of the fun and good times our families have had…

Meet new friends!

“Last summer two separate families came to the overnight and they didn’t know each other. But as the families started to talk, it turned out they have so much in common. All their children are adopted. The families live very close to each other and their kids will go to the same school soon. The parents both had similar interests in biking and hiking and have been sight-seeing in similar places almost around the same times. I remember sitting at the table while the parents talked just in awe of how these two families connected and yet they had never met until RNC campout. I’d like to know if they still get together outside of RNC.”

Explore the night!

“Calling owls. I taught the families to make the barred owl call. We called together as a group and about 30 minutes later we had an owl calling back to us. We were all in our tents later and as we drifted to sleep we could hear two owls calling back and forth nearby. The families talked about it over breakfast in the morning.”

It’s easy and great for beginning campers or experienced folks who just want to take the easy road!

“A lot of parents said the family campout was their first time camping besides their backyard. The family overnight was a nice transition before camping at a campground. Riveredgehas the convenience of staff for questions, toilets, and indoor spaces incase of bad weather, and a breakfast in the morning.”

Join us on one of our upcoming Family Camping Overnights @ Riveredge!

Family Adventures: Family Overnight @ Riveredge

All Ages

Saturday, August 2, 5 pm – Sunday, August 3, 9 am  Theme: Creatures of the Night; led by Jessica Jens, Executive Director

Saturday, August 30, 5 pm – Sunday, August 31, 9 am  Theme: Exploring the Night Sky; led by Moriah Butler, Environmental Educator

Fee (per family): Member $45   Non-member $60

Join a Riveredge Naturalist for a unique opportunity to experience Riveredge after hours. Spend the evening exploring the trails, looking for night creatures, catching fireflies or relaxing at the campfire. Pitch your tent on the Riveredge lawn and slumber to the sound of the night choir. Bring a picnic supper, and in the morning you’ll enjoy pancakes with Riveredge maple syrup. Space is limited so register early. Each family is limited to one tent. Please note: At Creatures of the Night we’ll camp at Woodland Harvest; Exploring the Night Sky we’ll camp near the main building.

To register, visit our Summer Camp page and click on the “Register Now” button.  Hope to see you soon!

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