Business Partnerships

Swing from the trees for a team building activity like no other. Hold your next staff retreat in our rustic barn surrounded by 379 acres of incredible wild Wisconsin. Get your employees out of the office for a day of hands-on volunteering in the sunshine and great outdoors.

When your organization joins the Riveredge family, you’re joining a community of thousands dedicated to the movement of bringing the great outdoors to families, schools, and neighborhoods. We’d love to have you!

Corporate Volunteering

Is your organization looking for unique Volunteer Opportunities?  Get out of the office and away from the computer screens for a day and donate your time to a hands-on outdoor project at Riveredge! We’ll work with you to design projects that fit your employee’s talents and skills and provide all the instruction and training you’ll need. Interested? Just get in touch with Pat Fox-Schindler, our Director of Volunteer Services, at 262-2715 or, to get something set up!

Does your company have a volunteer matching program? We’d love to be on your list of partner organizations!

Or perhaps you’re inspired by Riveredge’s mission and want to devote a little bit of the work you’re already doing to the cause? That’s great too! Donations of in-kind services allow us to devote more of our time to teaching kids the wonders of nature, battling back invasives, and planning special community festivals. Whether you have expertise in design services, construction, IT support, printing, or other skills, we’d love to partner with you!

Rental Space

Riveredge is an oasis for thousands of people each year. Why not make it one for your business and employees too? Riveredge’s rental spaces and natural sanctuary make a perfect place to get away, rejuvenate, and get inspired. Our rustic barn is available to rent for annual meetings, staff retreats, fundraisers, or any other corporate event. Access to our ten miles of gorgeous trails and the option to work with our staff on special programming combine to make this a truly unique rental option.  See our facility rental handout for more information or put in a request on our rental page to request a date or more info!

Business Membership

Riveredge business members show their support of Riveredge’s work while enjoying a plethora of benefits that support the health and wellness of employees and their families.  Let us tailor a partnership that provides your employees and their families free access to our land and our programs- whether throughout the year or select weekends. We can also craft programs for both team building and fun at your site or ours– in the prairies, along the Milwaukee River, or in our historic 115 year-old barn. Programs include organic gardening, tree climbing, clearing trails, snowshoeing, geo-caching, and much more. We’ll work with you to put together a membership program that is meaningful and valuable to your company and your employees.

For more details on membership levels, perks, and opportunities, please see our Business Membership Guide.

Event Sponsorships

Riveredge special events draw thousands of youth, families, and community members each year from counties across Southeastern Wisconsin. Through these events, Riveredge supports the development of health, wellness, and cultural engagement in local neighborhoods. Riveredge links communities to ‘wild’ Wisconsin and promotes sustainable connections to the planet. Opportunities exist to sponsor events at all levels and reach our dedicated, engaged audiences with your organization’s support and commitment to the community. Upcoming events with sponsorship opportunities include:

Program Underwriting

Riveredge is a leader in inquiry-based, hands-on environmental science education. We are proud to partner with local school districts and Universities in providing hands-on science instruction and conservation research. We’re also committed to managing and restoring 379 acres of wild Wisconsin, offering internships that provide hands-on training and mentorship to students seeking careers in science and environmental education, developing innovative partnerships with our surrounding communities to make connection with nature integral and easy, and so much more. Opportunities exist to sponsor and underwrite each of these programs in a way that highlights your company’s commitment and leadership on these issues.

Let’s Talk

Interested in learning more? Please contact Leif Nordstrom, our Development Specialist, to discuss business membership, event sponsorship, program underwriting, or any other ways we may be able to work together with your business to make a difference in southeast Wisconsin!  Leif can be reached at or 262-375-2715.