GIS map of birds located during 2016 breeding bird surveys.

Origin Date: 1988

We currently have nearly 30 years of data for over 177 acres of our property.  Breeding bird surveys occur five (5) times during the month of June to ensure the birds that are recorded are utilizing our property to reproduce.  Using point data obtained from each avian detection we can start to understand which landscape structures are most important for specific species, and how changes in vegetative cover over time influence those species with important status: Species of Local Conservation Interest, Special Concern, Threatened, and Endangered.

The wildlife-specific management guidelines that can be generated from these data, if implemented by our staff, will be noteworthy and effectively an ideal way to manage our forest canopy.

Partners: Local Birders (Steve Kupchow Judith Huff, Tom Uttech, Nathaniel Reinartz , Riveredge Bird Club, Wisconsin DNR State Natural Areas Division