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Bug o’the Week – Common Green Darners– a Love Affair

Howdy, BugFans, We’ve had a major emergence of migratory Common Green Darners in the past 10 days.  They’ve been feeding along Lake Michigan’s western shoreline, zigzagging over the roadway and fields, socking away calories (those floodwater mosquitoes are good for something), and roosting in the cedars.  Pushed south by cold fronts, they’ll cover seven or […]

Bug o’the Week – Shore Rove Beetle rerun

Salutations, BugFans, The BugLady is getting close to 600 of these episodes (probably would have done a few things differently if she’d known).  Some are memorable to her because the writing has stood the test of time, others because the star of the show is a particular favorite, and still others because the bug turned out […]

Bug o’the Week – Floodwater Mosquito –an homage

Howdy, BugFans, Homage: “something that someone does or says in order to show respect or admiration.” (Macmillan).  In this case, it’s a grudging tip of the hat – we may not appreciate them, but we acknowledge that they are very good indeed at what they do. The BugLady struck a deal with mosquitoes a very long time […]

Bug o’the Week – Summer Scenes

Howdy, BugFans,   It’s High Summer, and a lot has been going on out there.  Many species have already peaked and disappeared from the scene, assuming, until next year, whatever form they spend the majority of their lives in.  Others are coming into their own.  Here are some of the sights the BugLady has seen […]

Bug o’the Week – Dragonhunter

Greetings, BugFans,   Dragonfly July is drawing to an end.   The BugLady’s younger daughter and her friends have been taking to our northern woods and lakes this summer (where the cool bugs are), and she’s sent tantalizing pictures of her encounters.  A large Emerald dragonfly perched in the middle of her campsite, a spectacular […]

Bug o’the Week – Powdered Dancer

Howdy, BugFans, The BugLady is a frequent visitor to the Milwaukee River at Waubedonia Park in July, because that’s where the magic is. Arrow Clubtails make their maiden flights up into the trees just 45 minutes after emerging from their nymphal skins (leaving the skins – exuvia – as signs of their passing). Silvery, new […]

Bug o’the Week – Spatterdock Darner

 Howdy, BugFans, The BugLady had a great June, hitting the trails and photographing insects.  Not surprisingly, many of the insects that wandered past her lens were dragons and damsels, so “Closed for June” may morph into “Odonates for July.” Isn’t this a spectacular animal!!!  BugFan Freda (aka the Dragonfly Whisperer) found it and then showed […]

Bug o’the Week – Gypsy moth

Howdy, BugFans, The BugLady heard from BugFan Joanne recently, from out of state.  Her State Department of Agriculture was doing aerial spraying for gypsy moths, and Joanne was having a Silent Spring moment.  “Today it seems remarkably bug free around our yard,” she said, “and I am worried.”  Here’s a slightly-revised BOTW (some new words […]

Bug o’the Week – Spectacular Summer Dragonflies

Howdy, BugFans,   This episode originally appeared in 2011 under the title of “Confusing Summer Dragonflies.”  They are confusing in that they all have dark patches on their wings – interspersed with white patches in mature males but not in juvenile males.  The word “pruinose” rears its head again, as the abdomens of males of […]

Bug o’the Week – Black fly – The Bug. The Legend.

Howdy, BugFans, Here’s a slightly enhanced episode from 2012 Nobody’s on the fence about black flies. Black flies are also called turkey gnats and buffalo gnats, and people who live in black fly country have a whole bunch of other names for them that can’t be repeated here.  Entomologists call them true flies (order Diptera) […]