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Bug o’the Week – Bugs in the News IX

Greetings, BugFans, The BugLady’s file of insect-related media stories runneth over, and it’s time to share.  Here’s a potpourri of items on invasive insect species, insect behavior, spectacular insects, and on people discovering new things about insects.  Enjoy (fingers crossed that NatGeo and the New York Times aren’t feeling too proprietary). Six years ago, the […]

Bug o’the Week – Square-headed wasp

Greetings, BugFans, The BugLady is living proof that there’s a big difference between looking and seeing.  For years, she’s been photographing these little black and yellow wasps and filing them under “Potter wasps,” but she had an “Oh Duh” moment this summer, and yeah, yeah – she sees it now.  As Henry David Thoreau once […]

Bug o’the Week – Phantom Crane Fly rerun

Salutations, BugFans, Here’s a rerun from August of 2014. What a magical little fly! Most BugFans are familiar with crane flies, those giant, non-biting “mosquitoes” in the family Tipulidae https://bugguide.net/node/view/1895587/bgimage (some of the fall-flying crane flies in the family Pediciidae (the Hairy-eyed Crane Flies) are pretty spectacular too https://bugguide.net/node/view/147834/bgimage).   Phantom crane flies belong in the small family Ptychopteridae (only three genera).  […]

Bug of the Week – Wooly Bear Caterpillar Re-do

Howdy, BugFans, Last week’s episode was the 600th original (not rerun or tweaked) episode, and the BugLady is going to take a two-week victory lap (but she will fill the space with tasteful reruns). The BugLady has been hanging out on the hawk tower this fall, logging migrating raptors for the Western Great Lakes Bird and […]

Bug o’the Week – Bugs without Bios XV

Howdy, BugFans, Bugs without Bios are bugs who have no fan clubs or t-shirts or Wanted posters and who go about their daily lives without attracting too much attention, yet are still worthy of our admiration.. Actually, there probably is a BANDED LONGHORN BEETLE t-shirt out there somewhere.  It’s in the charismatic Long-horned beetle family Cerambycidae, whose […]

Bug o’the Week – Morning Glory Prominent Moth

Howdy, BugFans, As she cruises through her moth books trying to identify what she’s photographed, the BugLady sees pictures of AMAZING caterpillars – not drab brown or grass-green caterpillars, but caterpillars that eschew camouflage in favor of some pretty gaudy togs (she has a Caterpillar Wish List that may require a Caterpillar Road Trip).  For […]

Bug o’the Week – Wildflower Watch – Wild Bergamot

Howdy, BugFans, The BugLady loves wild bergamot – first, because it has classy flowers, and second, because she loves the clearwing moths that dance around their edges, leading her on an annual, merry chase.  She decided to see who else uses bergamot (with goldenrods and asters in their final inning, the BugLady is missing wildflowers […]

Bug o’the Week – Selected Syrphid Flies

Howdy BugFans, It’s no secret that the BugLady is enthralled by syrphid/hover/flower flies (family Syrphidae), those often-exquisitely-decorated little flies https://bugguide.net/node/view/407691/bgpage that mimic a variety of wasps and bees and are featured in so many of her “Summer Survey” episodes.  This summer she photographed several different “flavors” of syrphids, and so she’s sticking her toe into the shallow […]

Bug o’the Week – End of Summer Scenes

Howdy, BugFans, Wow!  The first day of fall!  Much as she loves a nice fall day, the BugLady clings to summer (maybe that’s why she keeps buying peaches even though she knows she’ll be disappointed).  If you want to find bugs, look at flowers, so the BugLady has been searching the riot of wild sunflowers, […]

Bug o’the Week – Common Green Darners– a Love Affair

Howdy, BugFans, We’ve had a major emergence of migratory Common Green Darners in the past 10 days.  They’ve been feeding along Lake Michigan’s western shoreline, zigzagging over the roadway and fields, socking away calories (those floodwater mosquitoes are good for something), and roosting in the cedars.  Pushed south by cold fronts, they’ll cover seven or […]