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Riveredge Winter Trail Conditions 1/21

At present, we don’t have sufficient snow for snowshoeing or skiing. We have an icy bed on the trails with about and inch or two of packed snow above in most areas. As of right now the Friday Night Hike is taking place and we suggest wearing boots with some manner of ice cleat (such […]

Riveredge Re-Member December Promotion!

Get outdoors and explore during this winter and beyond with a membership to Riveredge Nature Center! Enjoy 10 miles of trails on 379 acres of gorgeous wild habitat to explore any day you wish all year round. Additionally, Riveredge members receive discounts on programs, early registration for Summer Camp, access to member-only events, and more. […]

Giving Tuesday Update: THANK YOU Riveredge Community!

Dear Riveredge Community,   Wow. I have to tell you, this morning I feel a combination of gratitude and astonishment that is hard to put into words. For Giving Tuesday, we created an initial goal of fundraising $5,000. Then based on your commitment, your leadership, we felt emboldened to double that goal to $10,000. Well…you […]

Making a Habit of Adventure Throughout the Seasons

If I learned anything this spring, it’s that our lives are an accumulation of habits sprinkled with a few deviations and vacations throughout the years. The contents of these habits, and what orients our pursuits, becomes our days and years and lifetimes. Exploring outdoors during a Pandemic When this Coronavirus came calling in March, our […]

21+ Outdoor Dining and Drink Experiences in Autumn at Riveredge

Join Riveredge Nature Center for autumn outdoor 21+ food and drink series including Small Plates & Big Brews and Wine Walk hiking programs. Each program has limited capacity and takes place outdoors beginning or ending at the Riveredge Sugarbush House. These programs are scheduled throughout September, October, and November. These are intimate, collaborative experiences with […]

Riveredge is Seeking Homeschool Education Volunteers

For a decade, Riveredge Nature Center has hosted a premier Homeschool Program helping families add science, environmental education, and inquiry-based outdoor exploration to their home curriculum. In the current Covid-19 landscape, the Riveredge Homeschool Ed-Ventures Program is seeing unprecedented registration, and has even added an extra day of homeschool scheduling. As a result, Riveredge is […]

The Uncommon Beauty of the Oak Opening

I must admit, when I first encountered an Oak Opening, I had a hard time initially wrapping my brain around what was unique about the habitat. I looked up and could recognize that it contained oak trees, standing high in their far-reaching, craggy-branched splendor. “Ok, they’re oak trees,” I shrugged. Then one day it dawned […]