Riveredge Nature Center has a proud history of fostering habitat along the Milwaukee River and throughout its wetlands, forests, and prairies to support native and migratory wildlife. It’s no surprise, then, that birders gather in spring and fall to enjoy seasonal migrations, as well as throughout the year to experience sightings of year-round residents and occasional unexpected guest birds. We invite you to see and contribute to the Riveredge Sighting List on eBird.

A Palm Warbler perched in spring at Riveredge

NJC Bird Club at Riveredge Nature Center

Bird Club meets at 7:00pm on the first Tuesday of every month at Riveredge from January – November to discuss bird-related topics and generally has a featured speaker. In December, the Christmas Bird Count takes the place of the monthly meeting. In regular non-pandemic times, pre-meeting Bird Hikes also take place at 6:00pm from May through September. All meetings currently take place virtually and can be found on the Riveredge Event Calendar. Visit here to view archived videos of past virtual Bird Club meetings. All Bird Club programs are free and open to the public. It’s a club in name, and in order to join all you need is a passion for winged wildlife and curiosity to learn more.

Riveredge Bird Club History

Noel J. Cutright speaking about his favorite topic, birds.

The Riveredge Bird Club was founded by Noel J. Cutright in 1986 for the purpose of bringing together people who enjoy watching birds and care about conserving them. During the 28 years Noel served as club president he scheduld more than 300 speakers for the monthly meetings on topics ranging from the Ivory-billed Woodpecker to Whooping Cranes. In addition to leading pre-meeting field trips, he also guided many special weekend outings.

Since the club doesn’t charge membership dues, Noel initiated the Birdathon/Bandathon as fund raiser. Birders and banders collect pledges for the number of birds and species seen or banded on the property during this one day event. Proceeds from the Birdathon have been used to not only cover the cost of the newsletter but also to fund bird conservation efforts locally and internationally.

Just days before Noel passed away in November 2013, members of the club voted to change the club’s name in honor of its founder and president.

The under the new direction of Carl Schwartz and other members, the Noel J. Cutright Bird Club hopes to continue Noel’s work of “doing something good for bird conservation.” Join the club if you enjoy observing and learning more about birds and sharing your interests with others.

Attend a meeting to become a member and receive the bimonthly e-newsletter, The Timberdoodle News.

Upcoming Spring Bird Club Field Trips

(Please contact Bird Club contacts listed directly for additional information)

The Noel Cutright Bird Club is about to continue with some field trips during the coming months. Because of Covid we will be requiring everyone to wear a mask, and if you decide to carpool, we strongly suggest you do so with someone from your household or with all those in the car being vaccinated. At the beginning of our trips, if everyone in the group has been fully vaccinated for Covid and depending on how everyone feels, we may dispense with the above protocols.

Below is a list of upcoming field trips or events for you to put on your calendar:

The Hartford Area/Pike Lake Field Trip | Saturday April 17

Lion’s Den Warbler Walk | Saturday, May 8

Riveredge Bird-a-thon Band-a-thon | Saturday, May 15

Southern Kettle Moraine to Wyalusing Trip  | Saturday, June 5 – Monday, June 7

Horicon Marsh Field Trip | Sunday, August 22                                         

The Hartford Area/ Pike Lake Field Trip

Come join us for our annual Hartford Area/ Pike Lake field trip on Saturday, April 17. This is the club’s oldest field trip destination. The trip is planned to catch a good portion of the spring migrating waterfowl as they pass through our area. In the past we have had swans, loons, 8-12 species of ducks, Grebes – Pied-billed, Horned, and Eared. Along with those we will probably find a variety of gulls including Bonaparte’s Gulls. There is also a good chance of finding both Kinglets, E. Towhees, thrushes, various sparrows, and perhaps a Bald Eagle.

We will meet in Jackson at 7:00am. Our meeting spot will be the Park & Ride just east of Hwy 45. If you come in on Hwy 60, turn north at the intersection of Hwy 60 and County P. There is a BP gas station called the Main Street Center at the intersection. You will find the Park & Ride about a block north on the left side.

From there we check Theresa Marsh, Big Cedar Lake, Wildlife Drive, Pike Lake and portions of the state park, and several small ponds in the area. Just a reminder, you will need a state park sticker to enter the park. The field trip will probably end around 12 or 1 pm. I hope you can join us.

Southern Kettle Moraine to Wyalusing Field Trip

We have also decided to run our Wyalusing trip this year. It is scheduled for Saturday, June 5 – Monday, June 7. This is one of our very best trips. People can join us for just the first day which is more local, starting in the So. Kettle Moraine State Forest and Rose Lake near Fort Atkinson, or for the entire 3 day experience. More information will be forthcoming. Please contact Dennis Panicucci if you have any questions or are interested in joining us. denpanicucci8@gamil.com