Everyone should have access to nature and the natural beauty of Riveredge. Throughout the 10+ acres of trails, visitors will find a variety of terrain and trail types. 

Trails at Riveredge vary from easily accessible compacted gravel to meandering, narrow board walks.  If you are seeking to explore Riveredge and have accessibility curiosities, we encourage you to download the Riveredge App, which includes a detailed map of trail types and suggested trail loops for people of all abilities. 

“Using the OWC (off road wheelchair) makes hiking with our family on the beautiful trails of Riveredge possible!  We are so grateful for the use of this chair.”

Through a partnership with Access Ability Wisconsin, Riveredge is the Ozaukee County site for an all-terrain outdoor wheelchair (OWC) Trackchair.  An outdoor wheelchair (OWC), also called an all-terrain wheelchair, is a wheelchair with tracks in place of wheels. OWCs are designed to be used on trails in Wisconsin year-round. Our OWC includes an adjustable attachment arm for outdoor activities, which can be used as a rail for photography, fishing, spotting scopes, shooting sports; pretty much any activity where it might be useful to rest something in front of or next to you. To reserve the Trackchair for your use, please contact Riveredge at 262-375-2715.

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer 14 years ago, my health care team swung into action with traditional surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments.  I knew, however, that what my soul needed was not time in clinics, but time in nature.  I prescribed some Riveredge therapy for myself.  When I felt too sick and weak from the treatments to go to work, I would shuffle slowly down the paths of Riveredge and eventually end up at one of the ponds.  There I would sit quietly and listen to the frogs and wait for, as a friend puts it, the little things to come out.  There I would find peace and the healing I needed.”

– Penny S.

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