2020 Return the Sturgeon and Sturgeon Fest Statement from Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

The text below was received by Riveredge Nature Center regarding the Lake Sturgeon egg collection program, Return the Sturgeon effort, and also relates directly to the Sturgeon Fest celebration. With no collection of Lake Sturgeon Eggs, we have no fish to raise onsite at Riveredge, and therefore Sturgeon Fest and the Return the Sturgeon program is on hiatus for 2020. Here is the original letter from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

The Return the Sturgeon Program is a treasured part of our Riveredge efforts. We look forward to resuming this 25-year project in 2021 to bring Lake Sturgeon back to the Great lakes and the Milwaukee River!

April 22, 2020
To: Lake Sturgeon Egg Collectors
Subject: Temporary Suspension of Lake Sturgeon Egg Collections

The Bureau of Fisheries Management would like to thank you for your continued dedication and commitment to
Lake Sturgeon management. Your current and future efforts to enhance the sturgeon fishery are greatly

Due to the current COVID-19 public health emergency, the Department of Natural Resources has decided to
suspend the collection of Lake Sturgeon eggs this spring. We are currently under a State of Emergency regarding
COVID-19 and are required to limit non-essential travel outlined in Emergency Order #28 to protect the health
and safety of DNR staff and the public. We realize this decision impacts the hard work you have done and
continue to do to meet your goals of restoring lake sturgeon to their native distribution and historic abundance.
However, the Wisconsin DNR believes this decision is necessary to protect our most cherished resources: our
staff and the public we serve.

Lake Sturgeon egg collections require close contact between DNR staff, other agency staff and volunteers. In
addition, many of the spawning areas we conduct these activities at are currently closed due to the pandemic.
This is a temporary suspension of Lake Sturgeon egg collection operations. The DNR remains committed to
continuing our collaborative efforts to enhance and sustain Lake Sturgeon restoration activities throughout the
United States and plan to resume cooperative egg collections again in 2021.

We encourage everybody to stay safe during this public health emergency.

If you have any questions, please contact Todd Kalish at 608-225-5826 or todd.kalish@wisconsin.gov
Todd Kalish

Department of Natural Resources
Bureau of Fisheries Management Deputy Director
101 S. Webster St.
Madison, WI 53707

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