Riveredge has been at the forefront of academic, scientific, and citizen science research since the organization’s conception in the late 1960’s.  It’s proximity to the Milwaukee River and it’s habitat diversity throughout the sanctuary allows for scientific discovery at all ages.  Riveredge staff and volunteers contribute to many local, statewide and some national population citizen science initiatives. Riveredge has been, and is currently, involved with the Lake Sturgeon Reintroduction Project, a 20 year project of reintroducing lake sturgeon back into Lake Michigan, the Swamp Metalmark Butterfly Reintroduction Project, and various projects involving the introduction of the invasive emerald ash borer. We have been involved in several state-wide citizen science initiatives including water quality testing, ephemeral pond monitoring, MAPS bird banding and the WI Annual Christmas Bird Count. Would you like to be involved in our citizen science projects?  Click HERE to find out how.

Student Research

Over the past 5 years, we have partnered with the University of Wisconsin system and other colleges and universities conduct independent student research projects, as well as supply biology departments and classes with different taxonomic data (gathered at Riveredge) to be used in classroom exercises.

Student research since 2016 includes the following:

For more information about our Riveredge Practicum Experience click HERE.

National Partnerships

In addition to state and local partnerships, Riveredge also partners with Project Budburst (http://www.budburst.org/) and the U.S.A. Phenological Network (https://www.usanpn.org/nn/become-observert) to tract the phenological changes that occur throughout the sanctuary. To see Riveredge’s Budburst page go to http://www.budburst.org/community/rnc.php.

Nature's Notebook Lo

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Historical Research

The report below describes the research activities at Riveredge Nature Center undertaken from 1970-2000. These activities were undertaken primarily to provide information on the Riveredge Nature Center land and those who inhabit it such that informed decisions are made regarding the stewardship of the sanctuary. Some of the inventory activities also contribute to state or national inventory efforts.

A Descriptive Summary of Research Projects At RNC