Girl Scouts and Riveredge go together like Milk and Cookies

Our Girl Scout programming is specially designed to enhance awareness of the connection between humans and the natural world. Our mission is simple. After visiting our beautiful sanctuary at Riveredge, we hope the girls will be encouraged to take leadership in protecting the environment for future generations. Come visit us soon!

Scroll through our program offerings for Girl Scouts below. You’ll find a variety of upcoming scheduled programs as well as lots of options to schedule your desired program with Riveredge education staff and volunteers.  Spend a day exploring nature, building memories, and having fun at Riveredge.

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Meet the Trees

1.5-hour program offered in Spring or Fall; call to schedule

Visit the forest to learn about the wonderful world of trees, and along the way search for colors, textures and shapes in nature.

Fee: $5 per scout

Related to: Clover Award

Seeds Festival

1.5-hour program offered in the Fall; call to schedule

Meet “Jenny” Appleseed and learn how to make apple cider, hunt for seeds in the forest and field, and learn about a current project at Riveredge to manage invasive plants. You will also make a creative masterpiece to take back to your troop meeting place to remind you of your adventures.

Fee: $6 per scout

Related to: Firefly Award


A Water Cycle Adventure
2-hour program offered Fall and Spring; call to schedule
Girls will discover the world of water as they embark on a magical adventure following a drop of water through the water cycle. Girls will conduct an experiment filtering water through soil, and search for critters that depend on pond ecosystems.

Fee: $6 per person

Related to: LOVE Water Award

Wintry Water Workshop
2-hour program offered in Winter; call to schedule
Discover the importance of water in our winter landscape as you try out snowshoes (snow permitting), conduct watery experiments, explore a frozen pond and more. Warm up inside as you delve into the microscopic world of water to take a closer look at your pond discoveries.

Fee: $7 per scout

Related to: LOVE Water Award & Naturalist-Bugs Badge

Insect Detective Discovery Hike
1.5- hour program offered in Fall and Spring; call to schedule
Insects are incredible! Discover how insects are so important to plants, wildlife and people as we hike the forest and prairie. Explore insect habitats and take a closer look at these amazing animals and their adaptations.

Fee: $5 per scout

Related to: Naturalist-Bugs, and Outdoors-Hiker Badges


A Starry Night Hike

2.5-hour program offered October-March; call to schedule

Use a sky chart, search for constellations and planets in the night sky and perform experiments to better understand light pollution and its effects on humans and wildlife. Girls will combine their creative energies to produce a collage of their discoveries.

Fee: $7 per scout

Related to: Energize Award

New!- Hit the Trail! (can be done with snowshoes in winter, snowshoes provided at $2.00/pair)

1.5-hour program offered in all seasons, call to schedule

Every trail leads to a new adventure! Girls will plan their hiking route, learn how to prepare for any hiking adventure and practice fun skills every hiker should know. Everyone will be a trailblazer, a plant detective, and an animal seeker as they explore Riveredge property as a troop!

Fee: $5 per scout

Related to: Hiker Badge

Green Thumb-Gardener

1.5-hour program offered Spring and Fall, call to schedule

Sprout a green thumb while learning about the Organic Garden of Riveredge! Girls will complete a compost relay, conduct a soil experiment, and taste some garden goodness. Girls will make their own recyclable planter and plant their own seed to care for as it grows!

Fee: $6 per scout

Related to: Gardener Badge

New!- Animal Habitats

2-hour program offered Spring and Fall, call to schedule

One habitat can contain lots of different animals- just like a city! Observe how animals use their habitats and create cozy spaces that they call home. Build an animal habitat of your own and discover which creature might enjoy the space you’ve created.

Fee: $6 per scout

Related to: Animal Habitats

Cadettes, Seniors & Ambassadors

Exploring the Night World

2-hour program offered in all seasons; call to schedule

Snowshoe/ hike under the clear winter night sky with moonlight reflecting off of the snow. Listen to the frogs calling in spring, or the owls in fall. Pick your season to discover the creatures active after dark. Investigate the nocturnal world to see who is prowling around in the night, and whose eyes are shining back at us. Come explore if you dare!

Fee: $7 per scout

Related to: Adventure-Night Owl Badge

Pick your Paddle

3 hour program offered Summer to Fall:

Paddling takes a mix of knowledge and skills! Join a Riveredge adventure guide at Yahr Park in West Bend for an unforgettable paddling experience that will begin with safety and end with a splash! Choose from Kayaks or Canoes. Ages 10+ only.

Fee: $20 per person for canoes OR $25 per person for kayaks

Related to: Outdoors-Paddling Badge

 Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts have many opportunities to get involved at Riveredge.

Do you have in interest in learning about sustainable food systems? Take a tour of our organic garden and permaculture sites to learn about growing food, the way nature intended.

Become a citizen scientist by participating in: Annual Christmas Bird Count, Bird-a-thon, Band-a-thon, Butterfly and Dragonfly Count, Sturgeon Streamside Rearing Facility, and the Water Action Volunteer (WAV) Citizen Stream monitoring

Have a passion for justice? Girl Scouts are invited to attend Riveredge Science for Everyone evening lectures to further their understanding of justice-related issues.

Check our calendar of events or Riveredge at 262-375-2715 for more information.

Badges, Journeys, & Side trips – Oh My!

Tree-rific Tree Climbing

3 hour program; offered May-October

Encounter the giants of the forest and discover their value to wildlife and people. Under the guidance of trained facilitators, explore the trees from a new perspective as you use ropes and safety equipment to climb into the forest canopy. Girls will rotate between tree climbing and a forestry program based on girls age and level.

Fee: $300 minimum (1-10 climbers); + $30 each for each additional climber

Related to: Naturalists-Trees Badge

Girl Scouts Camping- Overnight Experience- Offered year round.

Join us for a fun filled camp-out at Riveredge Nature Center! Construct a survival shelter, identify wild edibles and strike up a campfire. Once the sun sets, we’ll explore the land under the stars. Your troop brings dinner and breakfast. Sleep under the starts or in your tent. An indoor sleeping/program option will be available in case of inclement weather.

Fee: $25 per scout, chaperones free, $150 minimum fee  

Geocaching! (snowshoes available in winter if desired!)

2-hour program offered year round, call to schedule

Learn the basics of geocaching and how to use a hand-held Global Positioning System (GPS) device. We’ll explore the trails and look for hidden geocaches and even play a few games. Hand-held units will be provided.

Fee: $7 per scout

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Submit the form below to inquire or register for a program.  Your note will be emailed to Cassie Bauer at Riveredge.  She can also be contact at or 262-416-1364.

2016 Girl Scouts Brochure

Registration Details:

  • Pre-registration and prepayment are required for all scout programs.
  • Full payment must be received at least two weeks prior to the scheduled program date.
  • There is a $50 minimum for all programs.
  • Changes to minimum group size require at least two weeks notice.

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Scout leader’s name, address, phone number and email address
  • Name of program
  • Date and time availability for desired program
  • Number of participants and age level

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