Frogs? Bats? Campfires?  Yes sir, Scouts, Riveredge has those for you!

Scroll through our program offerings for both Cub and Boy Scouts below. You’ll find a variety of upcoming scheduled programs as well as lots of options to schedule your desired program with Riveredge education staff and volunteers.  Spend a day building forts, learning about the coolest parts of nature, and making a difference in your world at Riveredge!

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All Scouts

Cub Scout Camping – Overnight

Join us for a fun-filled campout at Riveredge! We’ll create a program to fit achievements towards which your den is working. Your den brings dinner and breakfast; we provide the evening program. Sleep under the stars or in your own tent. An indoor sleeping option will be available in case of inclement weather.

Fee: $20 per child, including program; chaperones free!
Minimum fee: $150

Wet & Wild – 2.5 hour program
Fall or spring

Explore the wilds of Riveredge in search of frogs, squirrels, crayfish, crickets or spiders. Find out who eats whom and how we can enrich the lives of wild animals of all kinds.

Fees: Adults and Scouts $7

Tiger Scouts

Float your Boat- 1.5 hour program

Use natural materials, recyclables, string, and more to create your very own floatation creation! We will test the floating ability of each boat at the Farm Pond and discuss successes and failures.

Fee: Adults and Scouts $7

Sky’s the Limit- 2 hour program

Use a sky chart, search for constellations, stars and planets in the night sky and perform experiments to better understand light pollution and its effects on humans and wildlife. Create your own constellation with your creative wits!

Fee: Adults and Scouts $6

Walk on the Wildside- 1.5 hour program

Head outside to explore nature with your den and a Riveredge Naturalist. Practice Leave No Trace principles as you hike and learn about Wisconsin plants and wildlife.

Fee: Adults and Scouts $5

Wolf Scouts

Finding your Way- 1.5 hour program

North, East, South, or West- put your directional skills to the test! Practice your map making and map reading skills as you hide a treasure for another to find. Complete a compass course to perfect your ability to read and use a compass.

Fee: Adults and Scouts $6

Paws on the Path- 2 hour program

Practice your Cub Scout Six Essentials as you hit the trails with your group. Decide what to Pack, visit a Leave no Trace disgrace, and put your observation skills to the test as we identify the different plants, birds, mammals, insects and amphibians that call Riveredge home.

Fee: Adults and Scouts $5

Air of the Wolf- 2 hour program

Measure wind speed, air temperature, and air quality. Construct paper airplanes and test their flight outdoors. Find your way to the forest to listen for sounds you can make with acorns, grass, and more!

Fee: Adults and Scouts $5

Bear Scouts

Catch & Release- 2.5 hour program

Pack your tackle and pack your gear as your den throws a line in at Heron Pond. Learn how to make your own fishing pole, use compost worms as bait, and learn the parts of a fish. Discover why the catch and release policy is important to Riveredge.

Fee: Adults and Scouts $7

Fur, Feathers, and Ferns- 1.5 hour program

Complete a 1 mile hike at Riveredge and visit the habitat of the endangered swamp metalmark butterfly. Search for signs of other unique creatures including the fire-bellied leech, the pasque flower, and the pileated woodpecker. Finish your adventure at the Children’s Organic Garden and compost site.

Fee: Adults and Scouts $5

Webelos Scouts

Castaway – 2.5 hour program

You and your group will faced with a set of challenges that will test your outdoor survival skills. Assess a survival scenario, cross the acid river, construct a rustic shelter, and practice starting a fire without matches.

Fee: Adults and Scouts $7 

Walk-about Riveredge- 2 hour program

Travel from prairie to forest, cross board walks and visit the River’s edge on this 3 mile hike. Learn edible and poisonous plants, practice Leave No Trace principle, and look for animal signs.

Fee: Adults and Scouts $6

Make a day of it- and pair your hike with a 1 hour service project based on Nature Center needs. (Fee: additional $1.00 per scout)

Into the Woods – 2 hour program

Search for treasure in the wilds of Riveredge! Find out which trees and flowers are native and which are the invaders. Can trees tell us a story about the history of the land? Learn why trees are an important part of our ecosystem, and about the Emerald Ash Borer which threatens the life of our forests.

Fee: Adults and Scouts $6

More Fun At Riveredge

Tree Climbing – New!

Explore Riveredge at a new elevation!  Our brand new Tree Climbing programs are meant for youth and adults, age 7 and above, with little to no tree climbing skills. Ascend ropes and explore the world way above your feet.

Geocaching with or without snowshoes;

Winter Quest with or without snowshoes;

Maple Magic (late February through March);

Vernal Pond Exploration (Spring)

Walkabout – explore 10 miles of trails through 380 acres of forests, wetlands & prairies.

Schedule your troop experience today!

Maple Sugarin’ for Scouts & Youth Groups
Saturday, March 12, 2016, 9:45-11:30am, 12-1:45pm, and 2:15-4pm
Fills Fast!

Earth Day Work and Learn
Saturday, April 23, 2016 9am-12pm
Great for Outdoor Adventurer!

Frog Fest
Saturday, May 14, 2016, 12:00-4:00pm

Butterfly Count
Saturday, June 25, 2016, 8:30am-3pm

Sturgeon Fest
Saturday, October 1st, 2016 11am-3pm

Handmade for the Holidays
Saturday, November 19, 2016 12pm-4pm
Fills Fast!

Night Hikes, Guided Adventures and Nature Play-dates of your choice are also available upon request!

Check out our Calendar of Events for more information on the above programs.

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